To all our customers and friends,

First we want to thank all the Antonio’s on the Bay customers and friends for supporting us in business from July 2015 true July 2016. Unfortunately we had close because we were paying way too much money in rent ($2500.00 per month as base rent plus 8% on the gross sale) as you can see we were paying a ridiculous large amount of money which eventually forced us to close.

Since we opened we tried to negotiate with the landlord better lease terms but Landlord denies he is in default and is not willing to work with us. At that point we had no choice but to close. We want to reopen Antonio’s Italian Restaurant in Apalachicola and we are looking for an affordable location. We are hoping to find a location in Apalachicola sometime in the near future so we can continue to provide you with outstanding food and service. If you have any suggestion or any location in mind for us please contact us at

We cannot wait to be back in a better affordable location, maybe downtown Apalachicola. Again, we want to thank you for helping us to become one the best restaurant in Apalachicola. God Bless.

Chef Antonio